Perm_Trish_Holding_Bag.JPGI have had a desire to live in community for the past 42 years, ever since i heard the words, “intentional community back in the late 70’s. I feel grateful for all hte knowledge that has been shared by pioneers in the intentional communities movement, and that we can have more of a chance of success because of those who have gone before us. Thanks to for their amazing work in this area.

I surrendered my life to Jesus fifteen years ago when I came to the intentional neighborhood called Living Springs, which our Ecovillage and Event center are part of. The love i experienced from th people who invited me into their fellowship was the main reason i felt inspired to take the plunge and give my life to my savior, and for this I will always be grateful.


Walking with Jesus has given me the peace i longed for ever since i traveled for 13 months as a nineteen year old agnostic who was seeking to find my niche, and find the truth back in 1975. I am overjoyed that my two children and two former husbands also embrace this walk with Jesus, and that we can work together in various ways to fulfill my life  long dream of living in community.


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