1) What is non-violent communication and what does it practically look like?


We use Nonviolent Communication, as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, in every facet of our communication. 

We use this model as a way of appreciating people, sharing our feelings and needs, listening empathically, and resolving conflicts by having dialogue. 

Having had 29 years of experience in using Nonviolent Communication, Trish loves to share this model with people. 

We will have weekly classes as well as on the job training. 

People will be encouraged to learn as we go in a safe space where learning is fun and easy. 

We can use this when we want to express uncomfortable feelings and needs to someone in a way that inspires dialogue. This way, conflicts don't build up. 

We use this when we want to express appreciation, thus building trust and connection so that conflicts are less likely to erupt. 

We use this to listen to each other which offers a space for healing. We will encourage "listening exchanges" where people take turns listening empathically, and thus working through problems. Instead of offering advice, solutions,  sympathy or criticism, a person can offer empathic listening and then after the person being listened to can explore their feelings and needs, then solutions can be sought. 


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