Mission and Goals


  1. Use this website as a way of building momentum and unity among vegans all over the world--Christian and non-Christian alike. 

  2. Build an intentional community where the people mentioned above can live and thrive.

  3. Use our Event Center to produce workshops, retreats, and conferences on various topics which support our values including vegan permaculture, Christian spiritual practices, animal compassion, nonviolent Communication, Emmanual Approach, Hallelujah Diet, and wilderness living.

  4. Produce health/holistic retreats based on plant based diet and fun learning experiences that help people live lives that help all of creation.

  5. Cooperate with Christian animal welfare activists and build an alliance of both Christians and all animal welfare activists.

  6. Develop and promote the Creation Care Connect: a fun, educational event churches will love to host.

  7. Create revenue through avenues such as our YouTube channel, an online store that sells products that enhance our mission, producing events, writing ebooks, and coaching.  

  8. Host events that strengthen the unity of the vegan movement--both Christian and secular including our upcoming strategic planning summit for Christian animal welfare activists. 

  9. Create cottage industries and online businesses.

  10. Teach non-Christian vegans how to logically and biblically persuade Christians to become vegan.

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