Mission: We are building a vegan ecovillage where we joyfully encourage each other to live the love-based teachings of Jesus.


  • To cultivate friendships online by being trustworthy and service-oriented in order to find compassionate, energetic, healthy (spiritually, mentally, physically) people who share our values to cooperate with us in our physical community and online. 
  • To live according to ecological principles using vegan permaculture and be self-sufficient and off the grid. 
  • To create a “think tank” where people who live in our community and associate members interacting from afar can brainstorm and develop solutions to humanity's most pressing problems, especially making available affordable, accessible healing modalities for body, mind, and soul
  • To host healing retreats, local gatherings, church services, classes and other activities which enrich our neighborhood as well as an international audience.
  • To provide a haven for vegan followers of Jesus so that they can find comfort, fellowship, and unity and thus be able to more effectively share our Bible-based animal ethics.
  • To build a church which supports people locally and all over the world in transitioning from fear-based religion or new age philosophies to love-based Christianity.
  • To develop a model of the community which can be duplicated in any neighborhood--rural and urban so that we can help people start their own communities. 

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