Letter to future members

I am writing this to the future core group members of community--those who will come and help build Jesus Vegans Ecovillage based on the foundations my friends, staff and advisors have already built. 

Dear friend,

I know you are out there, and I am eager to meet you. I always remember in the book Anne of Green Gables, how Anne met her friend who she called a "kindred spirit". that word resonated with me, and since then, I have been looking for kindred spirits who want to join me in living together in community. 

All of the things I have been writing and doing are designed to help you decide--am I a kindred spirit? You see, I want to let you know as clearly of possible who I am now, and where I came from. And now, more than ever, you can get to know me through my spiritual practices page. I am doing those spiritual practices for myself, so I can stay more and more connected to Jesus every day. I am doing them on live-streaming video because there are people who love to join me and we are becoming bonded by doing spiritual practices.

But I also did them so you would really get to know my heart. I am doing my best to be as authentic as possible without compromising anyone else's privacy. 

I am refining my values every single day so you can more clearly see what my highest priorities in life are. I want to be as complete and as clear as possible. Looking at my values and editing them is a spiritual practice and a way to remind myself of how I want to live so when I make my to-do list and go forward on my day, I will stay in touch with these values. And I am motivated to do this also because I am thinking about you--and how you will read them and say, "Wow, I resonate with all of those values!"

Friend, I am so wanting to find compatible people, but I am weary of inviting people into my life only to have them either reject me, withdraw or even get angry with me and leave. One of my commitments that I need to add to my values is commitment. I will keep talking to someone if they are willing to talk to me. This is not easy for me because often I just want to withdraw from painful relationships and just not talk about issues. But I know how painful it has been for me when people just disappear--and I don't want others to feel that way.

But I am rejoicing right now because finally, for the first time in my life, I am drawing to me people who are faithful and loyal and who share at least 99% of my values. And I have finally healed my relationships with my two former husbands, who will be our neighbors and who will cooperate with us extensively. we all meet once a week to make sure that we keep moving forward in deepening our love and respect for each other. I love that! 

I am really looking forward to spending time with you and discussing and taking action on all the things that we need to do in order to get Jesus Vegans Ecovillage in a position to invite a lot of people. I know you just love planning and brainstorming and also actually carrying through with stuff, even though it might sometimes be a bit hard. Believe me, I don't want to be sitting in front of this computer so much. I yearn to be outside working in the gardens, spending more time in nature, teaching classes, facilitating Community: Connect! gatherings, playing with cooperative games, swimming in the lake (when it is warmer!) and so much more!

Yet I am willing to sacrifice these desires because I know that if I get too involved in those activities, I might not find you! My highest priority right now is to find you, and then figure out how you can come and live here. 

Of course, there is a screening process, and you are the type of person who is willing to fill out an application, provide references and maybe even have a background check. You understand that what I am offering is tremendously valuable with all the resources we have and the potential for so much good to happen here that happily are just the kinds of things you want to do--including the 7 Holy breaks we take daily. And thus you want to honor my need for really knowing that you are who you say you are. 

I am so happy that you are out there and searching for this specific opportunity to fullfill all your dreams and your destiny--that which God really wants you to do and is supporting you to do. I believe that because we have free will, God isn't going to force us to do those things that can help Him bring about the kingdom of heaven on earth--the restored Garden of Eden--but He sure is going to help us if we make that choice!

I believe with all my heart that you being here is going to help Jesus Vegans Ecovillage get off the ground in amazing ways. Your strengths are needed here, and because you take great joy in using those strengths, talents, and resources you will have boundless energy! I love to encourage people to do what they love to do, and since you have already looked at our beautiful goals, you can see where you fit in and what you want to do. 

And, you also love to be part of this startup pioneering effort. You are so good at working in a group to discern the Holy Spirit's leading together. I love that about you!

I also appreciate that you love our holy joy breaks where we laugh and play with Christ at the center. You are just such a joy to be with because you have worked through so much of your painful past, and you continue to heal those past issues that have kept you from being fully present and contributing in a group. I am happy to say that I finally have had a successful run being a part of the team that oversees the Free Thinking Jesus Followers Facebook page. This experience, rocky as it has been, has proven to me that I am capable of working with others in such a way that I don't run away from conflict, and we can make decisions in ways that are lead by the Holy Spirit. 

I'm looking forward to you joining me--maybe others will already be here by the time you get this letter.  We need each other, don't we--in order to fulfill our deepest yearnings for healthy, loving community where we can get our own needs met, thus being strong and ready to serve Jesus in a way that we can use our talents joyfully.  We feel the overwhelming joy that comes when we contribute to the wellbeing of others, always staying connected to our beloved Jesus--abiding in him. 

I'll see you soon, friend!


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