By being a part of our Internship program you have the exciting opportunity to help shape and guide our community life. Whether you want to be here for a short-term volunteer situation, or you want to explore being a long-term community member, the process starts with being an intern. 

Although we have a lot of structures in place, the people who join us first will be given the opportunity to use their talents to be pioneers in this effort. 

You can learn more about all that we are doing by looking at our website. If you feel excited and inspired by our mission, goals, and activities, then we encourage you to take the time to learn more about the opportunity that you have to be a part of our community-in-formation.

We want to create an environment that facilitates cooperation, fulfilling a worthwhile purpose, and a sense of belonging (aka community) so that we can fulfill our mission.

We have many projects to work on at the event center.  We have an on-site staff and friends whom you will be working with. Meet them on our bio page.

Our location in the beautiful Northwest Arkansas Ozarks makes this a peaceful place where we fulfill our dreams of helping bring the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. 

People who are not followers of Jesus, or who are exploring that possibility, can learn more about what a Christ-centered life looks like.  We ask that you be respectful of our faith and be receptive to the possibility of having a relationship with Jesus. But we will never try to pressure you to do so. 

We recommend that everyone be a part of our morning and evening spiritual practices so we can build unity and praise our creator. However, this is not mandatory. Learn more by seeing our schedule of an ideal day.  

Watch this shortish video describing what it's like working at Jesus Vegans Community.

This article is also helpful for people who are interested in volunteering. 

Our highest priority is to attract people who can work together well and support each other in our individual and collective goals according to our values. Having a screening process ensures that we are a good fit.

Please review the requirements, limitations, needs, benefits, and transportation info, then fill out the info form at the bottom of this page. You will then be taken to our Work Exchange Application Survey so we can get to know you better. 

If you have any other questions see our Community FAQ.


-Go through a screening process: filling out the application, references checked and having a phone interview. 

-Work at least 25 hours a week.

-Pay $150 a week for food. 

-Pay $100 a week for lodging

-Stay for at least eight weeks. 

-Dogs, cats and children will need to go through a separate screening process to see if they are compatible. 

-If you break the rules, we will have a meeting to talk about why this happened, and we have the choice to ask you to leave without notice. But we will do everything we can to support you in following rules. Our screening process should prevent people from coming who don't want to follow rules. 


-Smoking and illegal drugs are not allowed on the premises.

-Unmarried individuals refrain from sexual activities or sleeping together while on the land.

To see a complete list of rules and guidelines see our rules page


-Vegan Permaculture design and implantation.

-Community development.


-Organic gardening.

-Trail making.

-Vegan food preparation.


-Preparing for events.


-Website design and development. 

-Social media monitoring and posting.

-Data input. 

-Being a personal assistant to the coordinator.

Want to learn more about what you will be doing? Visit our work details page. 



-Attend events for free.

- Three delicious healthy vegan meals a day.

-An experience of living in a small community.

-Opportunities to participate in Christ-centered spiritual practices.  

-Learning opportunities with a master builder, Robert Kersbergen.

-Learning opportunities with Trish Mikkelson, including Nonviolent communications, coaching, and spiritual practices. 

-Support in discovering and developing your own talents, values and vision for your life.


-Camping outside with indoor bathroom and shower. We can provide tents, blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and pillows. Just let us know what you need and we'll make sure we have it.

-Everything you need for living is available indoors: co-working space, meditation room, healing room, showers, bathtubs, bathrooms, recreation space, dining room, kitchen. 

-We have limited space in our home for people to live inside. Because the weather is cold in the winter, we can set up a dorm room for men and another for women,  so everyone can have a warm space to sleep. 


-We are located 50 miles from Fayetteville AR (Pop. 55,000) and 20 miles from Huntsville AR (Pop. 2500) and make trips to both towns at least once a week.

-We have a Jeep Cherokee which provides plenty of room for passengers. If you need a ride from the airport, we will need to charge for gas, time and mileage. it is about an hour and 45 minutes away. 


Now that you have reviewed requirements, limitations, needs, benefits, and transportation info, if you are still interested in exploring possibilities, please out this application so we can get to know you better. 

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