Ideal Community Member

by Trish Mikkelson

The ideal person who is helping to form our community in a core group does the following: 

1. Agrees with the values whole-heartedly, but at the same time have ideas for additions and refinements. They agree because they already have these values, or when reading the values, they realized that they wanted to adopt that value because it seemed correct.

2. Agrees with the beliefs--for same reasons above.

3. Likes the goals, and can even voice some more goals they are passionate about and have been working on already. 

4. Is willing to take the time look at the website thoroughly to see if there are any irreconcilable differences. Discerning enough to see if they resonate with all they see.

5. Understands that even though I am the main focus on the website, that it is not because I am promoting myself, but only because whoever comes here needs to know who I am. My experience has shown that many people are initially drawn to my sparkly, friendly demeanor, yet when they discover how serious I am about having healthy, open, honest relationships--they withdraw or attack me. I really do want people to live here who like me just as I am. 

6. Can help me lovingly see my weaknesses and other people's weaknesses. As much as I yearn to be accepted and celebrated for who I am, I also yearn to continually let go of habits, thoughts, words, and deeds that are not in alignment with my stated values, and with God's will for me. But it is essential that such confrontation takes place in ways where we all feel safe, and opinions are not forced upon us. 

7. Is open enough about their spirituality to have discussions about doubts and thoughts that might sound heretical--yet discerning enough to stay grounded in who Jesus is, as stated in our beliefs. 

8. Handles conflicts in ways that encourage learning and growth. This person is calm for the most part if conflicts arise, and is able to use tools like empathic listening to diffuse conflict. Has experience with dealing with conflict and can serve as a mediator if necessary. 

9. Has a high degree of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I know I need to outline what the symptoms are of all these areas. My main point is that if someone has major weaknesses in any of these areas, I think it will be hard for her to deal with the intensity of doing all that needs to be done in order to get Jesus Vegans Ecovillage up and running and be in leadership positions in the community. 

10. Likes to laugh, have fun, lighten up, dance, sing, act goofy and otherwise be spontaneous. 


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