Community Guidelines

 -Although we love kids and animals, we are not set up at this time for work exchange workers to bring their children or pets (except service animals).  

-Smoking and illegal drugs are not allowed on the premises.

--We ask that non-married individuals refrain from sexual activities on the premises.

-  We ask that you attend daily check-ins and spiritual practice times.

- We ask that you attend weekly communication and conflict resolution/prevention meetings which are designed to promote healthy relationships, joy, and authenticity.

-Keep Track of hours on paper, app or document. If you don’t have 25 hours by the end of the week, make every effort to make them up the following week. If you get too far behind we will need to have a discussion as to whether or not you are a good fit.

-If you have a conflict with someone, go to them first to work it out. If you can’t resolve it, get the help of Jesus Vegans staff member whom you feel comfortable approaching. Please, No Gossiping.

-Clean up after yourself. It is essential that you are not leaving messes for others.

-Observe the quiet times between 10 PM and 7 AM so that everyone can get a good night's sleep.


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