Community FAQ

Do have to vegan and Christian to be an intern or explore community living?


We would like interns and potential community residents to be open to learning more about Jesus and respectful of our spiritual path. But being a follower of Jesus is not mandatory.   Although we don’t require you to be vegan, you need to be willing to eat vegan while you are on the property. 

However, full members will need to be Jesus followers and vegan. 

Are there biting bugs in AR?


Late spring is when the bugs come out, and they stick around until early fall. There are mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers. We keep the lawn short at the event center, but there may be times when you may need to go into the tall grass or woods. Please bring natural bug repellent. We will give instructions as to how to avoid the bugs. 

Why can’t I bring pets and/or children?


Pets sometimes don’t get along with other pets and even though they could be kept on a leash we find it simpler just to say no pets. We understand people need their service animals, so just let us know your situation and we will work with you. We love children and want to make the event center an inviting place for people to bring their children to events, unfortunately,  It can be hard to watch young children and also work. If you have older child(ren) who can work and put in the required hours, then they are welcome.

What is your bathroom situation?


We have an apartment separate from main living/working area that has a bathroom and a shower.

What is the weather like in Arkansas?




Depends. We have a varied climate in Arkansas. It seems to change each year. Generally, late summer is hot, Fall is cool, Winter is cold, but not too cold (it rarely drops into the single digits), and spring is rainy and warm, but with some cool days. Basically, be prepared for anything.

Where will I be staying?


We have indoor dorms for those who want to be inside and don't mind sleeping in the same room with others. We have one for women and one for men. . 

Or you can sleep in a tent outside. 

Or, if you have trailer or RV, we have limited spaces for them. 

For more detailed information, you can visit this page: 

What does a day look like like at Jesus Vegans?


We have group spiritual practices 6 times a day: 

It varies. Please see the description of an ideal day written by Trish, the co-coordinator of Jesus Vegans.

What is the minimum length of time I need to stay?


Interns need to stay at least 2 months because of the time we need to spend on the application process. If this is not possible, please ask us and we might be able to make an exception. 

Exploring members can stay for as little as 3 weeks.  

1) What is non-violent communication and what does it practically look like?


We use Nonviolent Communication, as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, in every facet of our communication. 

We use this model as a way of appreciating people, sharing our feelings and needs, listening empathically, and resolving conflicts by having dialogue. 

Having had 29 years of experience in using Nonviolent Communication, Trish loves to share this model with people. 

We will have weekly classes as well as on the job training. 

People will be encouraged to learn as we go in a safe space where learning is fun and easy. 

We can use this when we want to express uncomfortable feelings and needs to someone in a way that inspires dialogue. This way, conflicts don't build up. 

We use this when we want to express appreciation, thus building trust and connection so that conflicts are less likely to erupt. 

We use this to listen to each other which offers a space for healing. We will encourage "listening exchanges" where people take turns listening empathically, and thus working through problems. Instead of offering advice, solutions,  sympathy or criticism, a person can offer empathic listening and then after the person being listened to can explore their feelings and needs, then solutions can be sought. 


3) How many people do you have currently working/volunteering/living at Jesus Vegans?


I, Trish, am the only "full member" of Jesus Vegans.  Robert Kersbergen, my former husband, is the operations manager who will work with people who want to learn carpentry, mechanical skills, and other technical skills of which Robert has many.

Cliff Mikkelson meets with Robert and me at least once a week to discuss Jesus Vegans topics. We also address issues about our larger community, Wellspring Community. The site of Jesus Vegans ecovillage is on Wellspring Community land. The land is co-owned by the three of us, and we are still figuring out how to legally divide it so that people who live here can have the security of knowing it is not privately owned, but rather in some kind of land trust. 


Who owns the land?

Cliff Mikkelson, Robert Kersbergen, and Patricia Mikkelson are co-owners of 27 acres. It is fully paid for. They are currently working out how to divide the land so everyone can get their needs met. Robert and Cliff are very supportive of Jesus Vegans Ecovillage being built. However, they don't want to be full income sharing members which involves a lot more commitment then they are willing to give in terms of sharing life together. They prefer to be neighbors