1. We believe that we are destined to live in a Garden of Eden-like paradise

2. It is possible to heal the planet and all that lives upon her. 

3. That there is a higher power, our Creator, who wants to work with us to engage in this healing

4. That when we as humans work together in community, we have a better chance of working effectively with our Creator

5. That spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, fasting, lamenting (weeping), expressing gratitude, journaling, silence, solitude and so much more--can help us to find an inner peace and connection to our Creator

6. That when we have this connection, we are empowered to work in harmony with others and with our Creator. 

7. That people have various beliefs and paths that they are following to relate to our Creator and it is important to honor and respect each other as we whole-heartedly seek the Truth. 

8. Jesus is viewed by most people as a positive influence in society. Some believe him to be God, part of the Holy Trinity, the divine community. Others see him as an ascended master. Others see him as a mythical figure. We accept all beliefs about Jesus and can't say 100% what is true. And believe that the Truth will be revealed as we seek to love and serve our Creator with all of our hearts, minds and souls. 

9. The Creator will reconcile all of life to him--that we will ultimately live in harmony and peace with animals, plants, water, soil, air, human animals, and all of life.  Thus, there is no hell or damnation for anyone because of their beliefs. 


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