I have lived my entire life in the Bay Area, yet at some point I may move to the Ozarks to live in this wonderful community when the time is right because my experience shows that this will be a nurturing place for me to realize my dreams of helping animals, as well as living in the country peacefully among kindred spirits. I have a special kinship with animals, and I really want to help build a farm animal sanctuary or a wildlife refuge.


I love Jesus, and I have developed a special relationship with him since I learned that i can have an intimate relationship with him, and that he loves me, and everyone, unconditionally. Being part of Jesus Vegans helps me to deepen my relationship with Jesus and strengthens my belief that I really can make a difference--because with God all things are possible.

I am a committed vegan, and I believe that the plant-based diet is the only way I can be truly healthy on all levels--spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. My dream is that through our efforts Christians and all people will adopt a plant-based diet to prevent unnecessary and terrible suffering of countless animals.

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