Through building a Christ-centered community, we are bringing divinity to the table and peace to all creation. 



To empower vegans, animal welfare supporters, and those who care about the earth, to cooperate, build communities, and increase unity.



I am Trish Patricia Mikkelson, the founder, and director of the start-up project, Jesus Vegans Ecovillage. I started out with a small group of people who thought they would be able to move here and be involved in the day to day operations, but they realized that they had different needs for the time being. I am happy to say we are all still friends, supporting each other in many ways, but not focusing so much on this project. 

There are two properties we are working with: Jesus Vegans Event Center and Wellspring Community. 

Jesus Vegans Ecovillage is on a third of the 27 acres of Wellspring Community. This is small for an ecovillage, but I have confidence we can find ways to expand as well as utilize our 9 acres most effectively. 

Cliff Mikkelson and Robert Kersbergen are my former husbands. Cliff is the father of Chris Mikkelson, our son. Robert is the father of Maud Mahriyanna Harms, our daughter. We are the core group who oversee the land we call Wellspring Community. Robert works as operations manager. Cliff has built a house on the land.  He serves as an advisor to Jesus Vegans. We meet weekly in order to both deepen our relationships and to discern how we can best cooperate. We are finding ways to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and be servant leaders who can support our future members in every way possible. 

Wellspring Community land, where Jesus Vegans Ecovillage is located, is fully paid for. 

We are located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, about 50 miles East of Fayetteville. See our directions page for details.


The purpose of this website is for you to get to know us and the entire project so you can decide if you want to join us as an intern, a volunteer who lives in the area, a volunteer living out of the area, or a trial member (someone who wants to explore being a full. member of Jesus Vegans.)


This website can also help you determine if you might want to move to the area and buy land in our neighborhood, or explore living in Wellspring Community. 

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