Bringing divinity to the table and peace to all creation.



We envision a world where people treat animals, each other, and all life with compassion.



To empower vegans, animal welfare supporters, and those who care about the earth, to cooperate, build communities, and increase unity.



We are a circle of friends who are cultivating agape love and Christ-centered spiritual practices as a foundation upon which we are developing our Event Center.

We aspire to joyfully build a healthy community where we can encourage each other in every aspect of life and be the body of Christ as we work on helping people become empathetic to the plight of suffering animals and practice nonviolence in every area of life. 

We own land, have a variety of resources, have started building community, and have a fully-functioning Event Center where we have already hosted events.

We are located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, about 50 miles East of Fayetteville. See our directions page for details.


Main Goals

  1. Develop and promote our Event Center where we will host a variety of activities and events.

  2. Attract like-hearted people who want to live and work with us to achieve our goals and fulfill our vision. 
  3. Work with Christian animal welfare activists so that together we can find ways to help a massive number of Christians realize how important it is to embrace the vegan lifestyle as a witness to others in this postmodern world where Christianity continues to lose credibility. 

  4.  Produce a national animal welfare conference that brings together vegans of all faiths and backgrounds to build unity and create a strategic plan which will help fan the flames of the growing animal welfare movement.  

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