We encourage and build each other up in an atmosphere of love and trust, with Christ at the center, so that we can accomplish our individual and collective goals. William Wilberforce and his friends worked as a community to help abolish slavery in England. We can address every challenge that we face on this planet when we have the power of community. 

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By being a part of our Internship Program you have the exciting opportunity to participate in community life.  We have daily spiritual practices as well as many activities that facilitate cooperation, fulfilling a worthwhile purpose, and having a sense of belonging We want to bless our interns as well as be blessed by them. 

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Event Center

A spacious, rustic event hall on fifteen acres overlooking Prayer Lake is the perfect place for a variety of activities including workshops, retreats, conferences, family gatherings, and festivals.  Volleyball, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and meditating in our serene woods are some of the ways attendees can enjoy the natural beauty.

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 Our vision is to create an environment where people can feel encouraged and supported in deepening their relationship with Jesus. 

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We offer resources for living a life of health and compassion using a plant-based diet, inspired in part by the Hallelujah Diet. Making ethical choices in all aspects of life, including what we eat, is a sound, Biblically-based principle which we value highly. Cultivating compassion for animals is an essential way of cherishing all of God’s creation.

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